Studying Success

It’s easy to read a success book, but it’s often difficult to actually apply what is inside, especially if there is much to be learned.
First of all, Just like reading a Zoology textbook, most of us aren’t going to retain all the knowledge gained from a single read-through a book if the subject matter is unfamiliar. The Canfield’s Success Principles is definitely no exception, with its 64 principles of success, there is much to be had for someone who isn’t already immersed in the success culture.
Second, school may have taught us to read about theory, making us more knowledgeable, but I believe the notion that one isn’t actually educated until he/she is able to apply that knowledge.
Success books are often seeming to be lecturing about doing something differently than what you, or most people, tend to be doing. They give a call of demand to a change of habits, which takes effort, time and study.
Persistence is key to mastering any subject. If we really want to get the most out of a well written success book, it will require more than just a simple read through, and that is exactly what brings me to the creation of this blog. I tend to make a ritual out of studying not only the 64 Success Principles, but success in general and the additional books it brings.